nasir The devil himself preparing to pounce on the next unsuspecting prey.

In many communities, you will find people of many stripes, from the honest, decent, religious, petty to the outright evil ones. The Somali community is no exception. Generally speaking, some Kenyans with little to no interactions with the common Somali, tend to view wrongly the community as a whole through the actions of a few public loudmouth for hire or outright con men like Ahmenasir.

Mr. Ahmednasir Abdullahi practices law mainly in Nairobi where he is known to hold the Somali community hostage.

Those he perceives to be blocking his way to greed are subjected to the threat of blackmail if they are from Somalia. Planted fake stories in the local dailies and the gutter press are the norm and so is his at times outright cold calls demanding money from our politicians and businessmen. To further this end, Mr. Abdullahi started a Somali media group to maximize the racket targeting the Somali community in particular and Kenyans in general.

“He has a history of milking the government of the day,” Confided a central province politician who requested not to be quoted for this article.  According to this source, Mr. Nasir has used this tactic of running to the media every time he wants to get something  done for his firm, cronies or business partners. The source added this is the way Mr. Abdullahi continues to enrich himself at the expense of the Kenyan taxpayer and gets appointed at times to competitive positions.

In another case, a certain Mr. Ndirangu at the port of Mombassa pointed to a recent Sugar import from Brazil with which Mr. Abdinasir was associated with, having personally flown to the resort city to oversee its smooth entry into the country. This comes on the heals of the sugar shortage in the country blamed on the likes Nasir who continue dumping Sugar undercutting the local farmer.

Another victim – partner? –  of his is the former governor of Wajir County, Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi who lost to the current governor Mr. Mohamed Abdi. Sources within the previous administration of Wajir County that don’t want to jeopardize their close association with the temperamental former governor, confided to NFDNEWS the racket  Mr. Ahmednasir oversaw in Wajir.

It is said both of them are still smarting from the resounding victory of Mr. Mohamed Abdi over the clueless former governor and cash cow.

Mr. Nasir Demanded and got money and access from the former governor of Wajir. The racket also involved a standing consultancy for Mr. Ahmednasir’s law firm with the county of Wajir. The racket is believed to have been put to an end by the incoming Jubilee Governor hence the bad blood (Nasir’s) with the current governor who is doing major cleaning of the county.

The former governor Mr. Abdullahi is said to be an investor in the Somali RTN television/media group where Ahmednasir holds majority shares.

A disgruntled former journalist who worked for RTN complained of the fear enveloping the Media house where unsuspecting reporters are forced to push fake news stories by Ahmednasir contrary to universal media ethics.

It remains to be seen how Ahmednasir, his crooked ways and team will withstand a new breed of leaders from the Muslim community and indeed Kenya in general who want to put an end to his mafia culture. Leaders across party lines who have not been spared, according to our investigations, and Kenyans on Tweeter will be glad the chicken is finally coming home to roost.